1.Can I cancel my reservation?
If you want to cancel an existing reservation, make sure you have checked the cancellation policy first.
To cancel a reservation, click on “Cancel Reservation” in the Reservations section, type in your reservation confirmation number and click on “cancel”. A cancellation confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address.

2.Can I check the status of my reservations?
Yes. To check the status of any existing reservation you may have, click on the “Check Reservation” option in the Reservations Section and type in your reservation confirmation number. All reservations referring to this reservation confirmation number will be displayed.

3.Where do I find the cancellation policy referring to my reservations?
The cancellation policy can be found in three different areas: on the online reservation form, and you can read here.

4. At what time can I check-into my room?
Rooms are normally available from 2.00 PM

5. At what time must I check-out of my room?
You should leave your room by 11.00 AM

6. Is there a fee for the car park?
The hotel’s large car park is completely free.